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The Craft

Sargassum is a marine algae commonly found throughout the subtropics. It is high in vitamins + nutrients + antioxidants, and added as an exfoliant into the production of bar soaps. The soaps are handmade in a small fabrica in San Jose del Cabo, using botanicals and other other plants that have been harvested from the beaches and coastal dunes of Baja California Sur. All components that go into the production of these soaps are directly correlated with either a local environmental education project or directly benefit a sustainable agriculture operation.


The Land

Baja California is a peninsula of desert mountain ranges in Northwest Mexico, with coastline facing the Pacific to the West, and the Gulf of California to the East. Upwellings bring warm nutrient rich waters to subtropical coastlines, creating an environment where marine life thrives. The Gulf is still in fact one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystems on the planet, and is home to several thousand species of flora and fauna, both terrestrial and marine.


The Process

Conserva Collective partners with coastal communities and environmental organizations to create educational field excursions for local students, establish long term research projects that contribute to conservation efforts. The goal is to introduce a harvesting protocol for sargassum, a type of marine algae that washes ashore in abundance during certain seasons. Through data collection, and the promotion of a marine crop to the market, Conserva Collective is working to build the foundation necessary to empower the next generation as innovators and entrepreneurs.


The People

The Baja Peninsula is largely uninhabited desert and remote coastline, with few coastal towns of predominately generational fishermen, ranchers, and farmers. Geographic isolation of these communities restrict most education and career opportunities for those who are raised here. Families are faced with few resources and antiquated equipment to compete with international fishing fleets and large scale agriculture - now experiencing the harsh realities of collapsed ecosystems.


From the land to the finished product, all within a perfect environment, working to bring production back to the original makers.

  • Raw Material: México
  • Processing: México
  • Packaging: USA

Re-invigorating, re-introducing local ancestral techniques, adapting to modern need.

From the ground to the finished product, made at the source of the raw materials.

Organic, recycled or biodegradable materials and processes.

Worldwide team members and partners receive more than average wages and salaries.

No intermediaries or agents, every production is developed and monitored by IOAN.