Wild Hoodie

Wild Hoodie

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The Craft Traditional fibers, modern practice

The journey from crop to cut and sew sees each garment pass through a team of hands, each dedicated to developing and sustaining an economy around working with native variations of pigmented cotton in Peru. New generations of local vendors have organized every level of production to ensure quality and ecologically responsible methods.

The Land Local ecological preservation

Naturally pigmented cotton has grown wild in parts of Peru for centuries, despite the proliferation of traditional ‘white’ cotton agriculture across the region. Cultivating the naturally colored and undyed varieties protects them from the threat of extinction, as forested areas are repurposed at a steady pace.


The Process Less process, better for all.

Undyed IOAN Wild products are made from top quality, local and naturally pigmented cotton, loomed in its original state, cut and sewn into garments.


The People From the land to the finished product

New generations of local vendors have organized every level of production to ensure top quality and ecologically responsible methods. IOAN partners in Peru continue to work with dozens of farmers and their families to successfully cultivate and bring to market color grown varieties of cotton. In addition, these families grow organic sacha inchi and organic cacao varietals, promoting local, native agriculture.


From the land to the finished product, all within a perfect environment, working to bring production back to the original makers.

  • Raw Material: Peru
  • Processing: Peru
  • Cut And Sew: Peru
  • Labels: Peru
  • Hang Tag: Peru

Re-invigorating, re-introducing local ancestral techniques, adapting to modern need.

From the ground to the finished product, made at the source of the raw materials.

Organic, recycled or biodegradable materials and processes.

Worldwide team members and partners receive more than average wages and salaries.

No intermediaries or agents, every production is developed and monitored by IOAN.