Kids Cabrales

Kids Cabrales

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Please note all Archive sales are final.


The Craft For everyman of any nation

Modifying the original design, the size of the shoe opening has been decreased for a fit that feels more snug and appropriate for outdoor wear. The final step vulcanizes natural rubber pellets into a footbed mold, a process ensuring each pair of Cabrales ability to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

The Land Materials provided by the tropical rainforests

The rainforests of Central and South America are the native ecosystem of all rubber tree varieties, providing ideal conditions to tap and collect latex, the primary ingredient in natural rubber. During the vulcanization process, local sugar cane and coconut shell refuse from the agriculture industry in these regions provide the natural rubber sole with strength and support.


The Process Natural Rubber, recycled materials and wool

Natural rubber or tree-derived rubber is completely biodegradable. Harvesting and using the product itself promotes the growth and development of renewable raw material production in the tropical regions where trees can be tapped.

Our partnering manufacturer in Mexico City uses only 100% vulcanized natural rubber soles in their production, rejecting petroleum-based synthetics for their locally abundant and environmentally friendly alternative. Waste from synthetic rubber production pose a serious environmental problem for people and the environment. Converting petroleum into synthetic rubber release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere exposing the people and ecosystems surrounding production facilities to environmental toxins and nature does not know what to do with it if material ends up our land or waters.


The People Being a good Cabron

Family-owned, and operated by a team of 100 employees, our local shoe manufacturer has carved out a successful enterprise in Mexico City’s thriving economy. Employing local people, our partners have created a name for themselves as a reliable provider of shoes for shops across Mexico. We seek to expand upon the groundwork they have already laid out, and proud to work with them to present Cabrales shoes to the world.


From the land to the finished product, all within a perfect environment, working to bring production back to the original makers.

  • Raw Material: Mexico
  • Processing: Mexico
  • Cut And Sew: Mexico
  • Vulcanizing: Mexico
  • Packaging: USA

Re-invigorating, re-introducing local ancestral techniques, adapting to modern need.

From the ground to the finished product, made at the source of the raw materials.

Organic, recycled or biodegradable materials and processes.

Worldwide team members and partners receive more than average wages and salaries.

No intermediaries or agents, every production is developed and monitored by IOAN.