Alpaca Throw

Alpaca Throw

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The People Preserving Alpaca Heritage

Steeped in cultural heritage and tradition, skilled Peruvian craftspeople & ranchers have been generationally dedicated to the continued viability of alpaca fiber production in the modern age. The garments they create reflect high quality and attention to detail, all while embracing innovative concepts and sustainable processes. Each unique creation finds its way into the world with the passion and commitment to perpetuate the standards of excellence in alpaca garment production passed on for generations.

The Land A Presence Sustained for Thousands of Years

Herds of alpacas have roamed the high-altitude regions of Peru for thousands of years, where water supply is natural, and the land is not suitable for agriculture. With vast stretches situated around 3800 meters above sea level, this rugged terrain provides the perfect environment for alpacas to thrive. Living in harmony with the land, these noble and generous animals graze on the tops of grasses and plants, minimizing disruption to the delicate vegetation, and their soft two-toed feet help preserve the pasture-land. For the communities residing in these remote areas, raising alpacas isn't just a means of livelihood - it's a profound connection to ancient history and a testament to their sustainable way of life.


The Process Undyed Alpaca Fibers

Bringing alpaca garments to life begins with the careful farming and tending of these legendary creatures. The herders ensure the alpacas nibble on grasses without causing damage, allowing the vegetation to grow back naturally. Once the alpacas are sheared, the soft and fine fibers are hand-processed and separated to create yarns of different colors and qualities. The undyed alpaca fiber is then passed on to skilled artisans, who take on the task of knitting the garments, preserving the ancient techniques passed down through generations.


The Craft From Fiber to Form

The making of alpaca garments involves a diverse group of skilled people, each contributing their expertise to ensure the final product's excellence. The dedicated workers, many of whom have spent decades perfecting their craft, are themselves the guarantee of high quality and authenticity of each garment. They form a crucial link between the past and the present, as they diligently keep history alive through their artistry. Moreover, the close relationship with alpaca herders and indigenous communities fosters a sense of unity and pride, with the alpaca garments being a symbol of collaboration and support for the continuity of noble fiber production in Peru.


From the land to the finished product, all within a perfect environment, working to bring production back to the original makers.

  • Raw Material: Peru
  • Processing: Peru
  • Cut And Sew: Peru
  • Labels: Peru
  • Hang Tag: Peru

Re-invigorating, re-introducing local ancestral techniques, adapting to modern need.

From the ground to the finished product, made at the source of the raw materials.

Organic, recycled or biodegradable materials and processes.

Worldwide team members and partners receive more than average wages and salaries.

No intermediaries or agents, every production is developed and monitored by IOAN.