Industry of All Nations Panamericana Teak Wood Folding Chair

Panamericana Chair


Recommended maximum load: 250lbs

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Recommended maximum load: 250lbs


The Craft A centuries old skill passed down from master teak carvers of Javanese royal courts

IOAN’s version of the chair combines the beauty and durability of Indonesian teak, to the storied skill of Javanese woodworking - a craft that originates from wood carvers employed by Javanese royal courts in the 17th century. The skill of this work is evident in the making of traditional Javanese homes, intricate wood carvings, and mask making; all activities where this ancestral craft were used to evoke harmony between the living and sacred environment.

Today, the Panamericana chair is a seamless international duality that comments on today’s globalized world: An outwardly Pan-American identity, with a Indonesian core.

The Land Home to teak (Tectona grandis). The ‘gold standard’ of wood.

Indonesia has been well known as the world’s best source of teak wood for centuries. An archipelago nation of more than 17,000 islands, Tectona grandis is naturalized to Java, Indonesia’s largest island. Teak was first brought to Java from India and teak plantations were used initially for ship-building. A land with warm tropical climes that receive plentiful sunshine, Tectona grandis grows well here, relying on the pollination of local bee colonies to survive and reproduce.

Throughout the archipelago, teak forestry has faced a major problem in illegal logging. Enforcement has improved, but is still a significant problem, with police and bureaucratic officials often accused of cooperating with illicit loggers. It is essential to know the source and plantation certification of this precious resource.


The Process Made in Indonesia with integrity from 100% certified Plantation Teak

IOAN’s design team wanted to make a timeless yet exciting, functional chair, informed by a variety of heritages. This type of folding chair is found across the Americas, from a tiny one made out of tree branches from El Salvador, or a bulky one made out of tropical hardwood in Belize, to a small version made out of pine, used by gauchos in the Argentinean Pampas to relax and drink mate. The chair’s original designer is unknown.

The Panamericana chair, named after the Panamericana road that spans across the entire American continent, was conceived by IOAN's design team as a hybrid conclusion of all its vernaculars predecessors.

The original less durable wood has been replaced by Plantation Teak to provide a sustainable option for creating this timeless wooden chair. Teak has been used throughout history in shipbuilding and furniture making, and is one of the highest quality timber woods in the world.


The People Teak forms an inseparable part of life for many communities

We are committed to supporting the sustainable teak industry in Indonesia. Amidst illegal poaching of teak wood and high demand, a number of ecological teak plantations have been set up throughout Java and are officially managed by forestry institutes.

With yearly exports of more than 100 million USD per year, the the teak industry supports thousands of Indonesians, and forms an inseparable part of life for many communities in Java. More and more small to medium teak wood enterprises and their artisans are receiving Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade licensing as the industry becomes more accountable for its actions, and aims to be recognised for its growing sustainability practices overseas.


From the land to the finished product, all within a perfect environment, working to bring production back to the original makers.

  • Raw Material: Indonesia
  • Processing: Indonesia
  • Cut and Make: Indonesia
  • Hardware: Indonesia

Re-invigorating, re-introducing local ancestral techniques, adapting to modern need.

From the ground to the finished product, made at the source of the raw materials.

Organic, recycled or biodegradable materials and processes.

Worldwide team members and partners receive more than average wages and salaries.

No intermediaries or agents, every production is developed and monitored by IOAN.